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Metaverse-xchange.com reserves the right to change the regulations, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at its sole discretion without warning, especially in order to respect the integrity and security of the members' interests. By using this site after we post any changes to these terms and conditions, you agree to accept those changes, whether or not you have reviewed them. If at any time you choose not to accept these terms and conditions of use, please cease using this site.


Any individual or company from any country may open an account with us. You must be of legal age in your country to use this website. Each deposit is considered to be a private transaction between Metaverse-xchange.com and its Member. Metaverse-xchange.com is not responsible or liable for any damages, losses and costs resulting from any violation of the conditions and terms and/or use of our website by a member. You guarantee to Metaverse-xchange.com that you will not use this site in any illegal way and you agree to respect your local, national and international laws.You agree to hold all principals, members and admins harmless of any liability. You are investing at your own risk.


Metaverse-xchange.com company may introduce new investment offers depending on its assessment of market situation. New investment offers can be of two types: permanent and temporary. Interest income is calculated, accrued and transferred to your account depending on the selected investment offer while each investment offer allows for investing different amounts. You may choose any payment method listed for specific investment offer. Profit accruals are made according to system schedule, individually for each investment offer. It means that, for instance, some investment plans may have profit accruals once a week, and other may have daily profit accruals. Please read carefully description of investment plans.


Investment activity implies constant monitoring and analysis of current situation on market. In order to keep its customers safe from market fluctuations Metaverse-xchange.com investment platform utilizes a special Deposit Protection System operating in semi-automatic mode. Depending on current showings of certain e-currencies it may activate a series of stop-loss measures such as return of an active deposit to account balance of its owner in case its further investment might be considered a high risk, thus protecting the investor from any undesired losses.


Your registration data including your username and password are stored on our servers in an encrypted form so no one can access this information. In Metaverse-xchange.com you yourself decide what information related to your account you make publicly available. If you wish to apply for a position of representative you should fill certain fields in your account settings. Under no circumstances Metaverse-xchange.com will disclose or sell information about its clients. Users take responsibility to keep access to their email accounts and to store login information including username, password, secret passphrase and PIN code in a safe place. If their email addresses get compromised or login information gets stolen, our company does not bear responsibility for the integrity of the funds stored at your account balance.


Spamming is strictly prohibited. Metaverse-xchange.com does not tolerate spam or any type of UCE for promoting our program. You may distribute affiliate link in any available and way while respecting other people's rights and freedom.


Metaverse-xchange.com shall not be liable for any losses arising from delay in the transmission of the funds due to causes beyond its control. Situations when certain payment processor or e-currency ceases functioning or gets compromised are beyond control of Metaverse-xchange.com administration. Thus Metaverse-xchange.comcannot be held liable for any losses caused by these events. Metaverse-xchange.com shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages occurring as a result of various causes, including but not limited to military force, political intervention, the prescriptions of domestic or foreign authorities or events occurring as a result of catastrophe or force majeure.

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